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Pool Guard Removable Fence.

Pool enclosures: Pool Guard removable fence is ideal for an in-ground pool, above ground pool or to secure a lake shore, etc. This pool fence may be installed on all kinds of outdoor grounds, concrete pavers, wood, stone, asphalt, rock or lawn.

Choose a superior quality pool fence:

Pool Guard fences meet the highest quality standards. 5x5 lattice size, big square (superior quality and better visibility). It is made of thermoplastic polymer lattice: Textilene® (70 % PVC, 30% polyester). This lattice will not expand, sag or fade with time (UV treatment). In addition to being resistant to season changes, the fence is firmly secured with precision on aluminum posts. The thermoplastic polymer mesh (Textilene®) is translucent, so you may always see what is going on in your pool. This pool fence is the sturdiest in the current market. Child safety 

Durable pool fence:

Our aluminum posts are anticorrosive, rustproof and completely reinforced. The fence can take a charge of up to 3 tons (3 000 kg) per square meter and the support posts are reinforced with inside « X », which gives a shock resistance of up to 90 kg.  

A Pool Guard fence section measures 15 feet. We offer heights of 4 or 5 feet. Aluminum posts are placed every 3 feet. Each section is joined with safe latch spring hooks. When all hooks are installed, it is absolutely impossible to lift or disassemble a post. Its modular may be cut to the desired size. The fence does not need any particular maintenance.

Easy and fast installation:

The Pool Guard fence is secured in the ground through sleeves and is still removable by an adult, within a few seconds. After removal, there are no posts or attaching plates and caps are provided to hide the holes. This will mask any installation traces. You will benefit of a safe pool fence with a beautiful appearance that matches your current landscape.

To install your pool fence, the sleeves need to be sealed in the ground in which we insert the posts of the gate. However, the customer has the choice to leave the pool fence fixed by locking it.

Other benefits of the Pool Guard fence:

The Pool Guard removable fences have the see-through advantage and offer a splendid view on the pool and the landscape. Furthermore, it is possible to access the pool by each joint of the modular. Finally, you have the option to equip your Pool Guard Fence with a self-closing gate which contains a lockable key MagnaLatch (MagnaLatch series 3). Keep peace of mind knowing your fence is always self-closed. This latch is placed high enough that only an adult can open it. This gate is the best safety performance in the market.

garantie à vie
Safety and reliable pool fence
Easy to remove and to reinstall
Suits to all configurations
Aesthetic and discretion (hazy effect)
Suitable to any pool shape
Transparent fence for greater vigilance
Suits to any environment type
Possibility for an automatic self-closing gate with key-lockable
No grip for climbing on the pool fence

Color choices


  • sleeve
  • serrure
  • rouleau
  • mèche
  • poteaux
  • crochet
  • porte
  • capuchon
  • crochet