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Exemple de clôture Pool Guard

Pool Guard fence official distributor

Clôture de piscine amovible : Pool Guard Removable Fences is the official distributor for the Pool Guard fences in Quebec and in Ontario. They are recognized for guaranteeing a child safe environment, but also for seniors and all your other guests. Our fences are of superior quality and easy to use. Furthermore, they offer a maximum protection as they are specially designed to avoid drownings. Please ask our specialists for further details on our Pool Guard fences. Safety fence

Pool Guard quality, simplicity and durability of pool fences.

Swimming pool enclosures: As a top leader in the market, we are proud to say we offer durable and reliable product that ensures, at any time, the safety of your children around the pools. Our customers benefit from the expertise of our advisors to secure your pool with a removable fence that may also be fixed. This customized service will provide you with peace of mind.

Pool Guard fences comply with safety standards.

Pool safety barriers: Since 25 years, our business offers safety and attractive pool fences. Pool Guard fences exceed the Canadian and American rules and regulations for safety. Furthermore, we have the certifications delivered by ASTM International and LNE for safety standards. Pool Guard fences offer one of a kind protection for kids around the pool. Drowning prevention

Easy to use:

Removable swimming pool fence: While being removable, the Pool Guard safety fences may be fixed and locked as you wish. It represents an essential benefit such as an adult may remove and put it back easily to access the pool; but our safety pool fences cannot be removed by children, which protect them at all times.

Easy and effective solution.

Installing your fence yourself is so easy! Thanks to the installation simplicity of our products, you may complete the whole project by yourself. A hammer drill is needed to make a hole in the concrete. It is the only tool you will need. You may move or remove easily the Pool Guard fences without altering your landscape. Furthermore, no maintenance needed.

Need an installation? If you need an installation, we will recommend you to our authorized expert dealers in assembly and installing Pool Guard fences. These professionals may also make a free quotation. They will give you professional advices and will make sure the installation of your fence is safe. With Pool Guard fences, peace of mind is guarantee!

Pool Guard Removable Fences offer with professionalism a customized service to protect your relatives around the pool.

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